Mapping functions

A mapper is a function that when applied to one or more columns, produces a new Column with the same number of elements.

Mappers come in three forms: Unary, Binary and n-ary.


Unary mappers operate on a single column, the method receiver. For example:

StringColumn column = columnA.upperCase();

produces a new column that contains the values in columnA, but converted to upperCase.

While unary mappers operate only on a single Column, they may have an additional parameter (or parameters) that are not Columns, for example:

StringColumn column = columnA.substring(startingPosition);


Binary mappers operate on two columns. In the example below, the result produced is a new column that contains the row-wise sums of the values in the receiver (columnB) and the parameter (columnC):

RealColumn column = columnB.add(columnC);


N-ary mappers operate on an Array of columns:

Adding the new Columns to the table

The new Column is not added to the original columns table by default. To add it, use the addColumn() method defined on Table:

StringColumn newColumn = table.column("Name").upperCase();

List of Current Mapper Functions

String Mappers


  • upperCase()
  • lowerCase()
  • trim()
  • replaceAll(String regex, replacementString)
  • replaceFirst(String regex, String replacement)
  • substring(int startPosition)
  • substring(int startPosition, int endPosition)
  • abbreviate()
  • padStart(int minimumLength, paddingCharacter)
  • padEnd(int minimumLength, char paddingCharacter)


  • commonPrefix(StringColumn c)
  • commonSuffix(StringColumn c)
  • join(StringColumn c, String delimiter)
  • distance(StringColumn c) // returns the Levenshtein distance between two strings

Date Mappers


  • atStartOfDay()
  • atTime(LocalTime time)
  • plusDays(int days)
  • plusWeeks(int weeks)
  • plusMonths(int months)
  • plusYears(int years)
  • minusDays(int days)
  • minusWeeks(int weeks)
  • minusMonths(int months)
  • minusYears(int years)
  • year()
  • dayOfYear()
  • monthName()
  • monthNumber()
  • dayOfMonth()
  • dayOfWeek()


  • atTime(TimeColumn c)
  • differenceInDays(DateColumn c)
  • differenceInWeeks(DateColumn c)
  • differenceInMonths(DateColumn c)
  • differenceInYears(DateColumn c)

Real Mappers


  • abs()
  • logN()
  • log1p()
  • log10()
  • round()
  • square()
  • sqrt()
  • cube()
  • cubeRoot()


  • subtract(RealColumn column)
  • divideBy(RealColumn column)
  • mod(RealColumn column)


  • add(RealColumn[] columns)
  • multiply(RealColumn[] columns)
  • min(RealColumn[] columns)
  • max(RealColumn[] columns)