An update

It’s been a while so I thought an update is in order.

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed at work (new job) so I haven’t made the anticipated progress, but have decided to push forward to a 1.0 release with no new features.

The two main activities between now and then will be:

  1. redoing the implementation of missing-data handling, and
  2. testing and bug-fixing

I’ll also be looking at some of the interfaces and see what kind of changes are needed.

What I won’t be doing until after 1.0 is an implementation of join logic. Today, if you want to join tables you must either write it yourself in java, or, if your data source is a RDBMS, do the join in your query logic using tablesaw’s database interface, and bring in the data already joined.

Join support will be added after the release, but doing it right is a considerable amount of real engineering work. Beyond that I have one more feature in mind for an upcoming release that I think will be pretty cool, but I’ll write more on that later.

Thanks for your support.


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