2 thoughts on “Tablesaw

  1. Hello,
    Tablesaw it is an amazing tool to work with data.
    I love it, but I have a nood question.
    how can I change the value of a cell??

    something like:
    Table person = Table.createFromCsv(“/person.csv”);
    person.set(0, 1, “new value”)
    person.set(0, “name”, “new value”)


    • This is a good idea. Right now, the only set methods are on the columns themselves. I believe each implements a method that would let you set the value at an arbitrary row, but they assume the data is in a particular format. For example, the date column set method takes an int that represents the date in PackedDate format.

      In general, if your data changes a lot, Tablesaw may not be the best option for you. It is designed primarily for datasets that are either static or grow over time by appending new data. The same is true of most other column-oriented tools as well.

      Also, in general, it’s best to post questions as github issues, labeling them with the Question label. https://github.com/jtablesaw/tablesaw/issues


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